Why Lightning Protection Systems are So Important for data centers

Imagine a lightning strikes a data center. When your data center goes down, it affects more than just your bottom line. Data centers host all the critical information your business stores in the cloud and on a single server. That’s why data center grounding and data center lightning protection are essential for protecting business.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that can happen at any time. It can cause a lot of damage and can cost millions of dollars in damage.


Lightning Protection System Standards

It’s important to make sure your lightning protection system is up to U.S safety standards, which have been proven to be reliable and effective. This includes LPI 175, NFPA 780, and UL 96A.

To meet these standards, you’ll need to have lightning rods, conductors and ground electrodes that create a secure, low-risk path from the top of your building (including your rooftop equipment) to the ground.

For data centers, all the wiring and services that come through your building need to be protected by surge protection devices. You’ll also need to make sure that the structural system, the top of the access floor, the server racks, the HVAC system, the plumbing and other metal systems in your building are all connected so you can get electrical equipotence.

Protect your communications infrastructure and data center from outages before they happen. With Coastal Lightning Rods, we protect your building, servers and systems from the destructive force of lightning. We can help you identify which products and engineering solutions are right for your business. Get in touch with us today!