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    Contact Coastal Lightning Rods today if you would like us to provide a site evaluation specific for your property in Florida, Louisiana or surrounding areas. We’d be perform a risk assessment for your property to determine the best lightning protection system can be used to protect your building or structure from the devastations of a lightning strike. We provide Lightning Protection Systems for homes, commercial properties, barns, farms, ranch, stables, equine facilities, racetracks, metal roofs and more

    Lightning Protection Barns/Farm Houses

    Benefits of lightning protection system for barns & Farm houses

    If lightning strikes wood or hay it may cause immediate fire.  Protect your livestock and property from the devastating effects of a lightning strike.  The goal for installing lighting rods to the top of the barn that are wired to the ground is that when lightning strikes the barn, the rods will bear the brunt of the damage, ensuring that your horses are never harmed.

    Installing the lightning protection rods on the roof of the barn will provide a direct path to ground, preventing damage to the barn from fire, explosion, and electrical surges that can result from lightning strikes. Moreover, for barns, we install lightning rods that are wired directly into the ground. In the event of lightning striking the barn, your horses will not be affected by the lightning rods because they will absorb the force of the lightning.

    Coastal Lightning Rods Installation for Barns & Farm Houses

    Call Coastal Lightning Rods for a free consultation.  As contractors for the Lightning Protection Systems based in Florida, our company has years of experience in the design and installation of lightning protection and grounding systems for barns, residential and commercial property that enables us to deliver high quality installations with exemplary customer service at an economical price.

    We have installed lightning protection systems for barns and farm houses to safe-guard them from  the destructive forces of lightning. A lightning protection system will provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a potentially catastrophic problem has been dealt with proactively.

    Lightning Protection Systems for Barns, Farmhouse, Ranch

    How much does it cost to get a lightning protection system for your house? Do you need an estimate for a lightning protection system installation for your home? Give us a call today or fill out the form to get a free estimate.

    NFPA Standards

    Coastal Lightning Rods provides solutions for full protection against lightning, that adheres to NFPA standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection and is in accordance with the code and legislation in force.  We use UL listed materials.

    NFPA 780 provides lightning protection system installation requirements to safeguard people and property from fire risk and related hazards associated with lightning exposure

    Coastal Lightning Rods provides whole house surge protection, surge arrestor, surge protection for AC DC, phone, COAIX and data, grounding and earthing services.

    Call Coastal Lightning Rods to give you a free estimate for install lightning protection for your barn or farmhouse.

    Barn Lightning System Installation Work

    You can secure your farm or ranch structures by installing a lightning protection system, which will guide a lightning strike away from your structures and disperse it safely. Here are a few samples of our barn lightning system installation work.

    Coastal Lightning Rods of Florida, provides a full range of lightning protection services including:

    • Risk Assessment – We perform a risk assessments before we install the lightning protection system.
    • Lightning Protection System Design – Each property is unique and has a different size and shape. We design a lightning protection system that meets all standards.
    • Lightning Protection System Installation – We install the designed lightning protection system and make sure it complies to all standards and codes of practice.
    • Lightning Rod Installation – Lightning rods are usually placed at the highest points of a building or structure to maximize their effectiveness in attracting lightning strikes. This could include roof peaks, chimneys, or tall masts.
    • Grounding – Along with lightning rods, a grounding system consisting of grounding rods buried deep into the ground is essential. This system provides a safe path for the electrical current from a lightning strike to dissipate harmlessly into the earth.
    • Retrofit Existing Lightning Protection System: Retrofitting an existing lightning protection system involves making modifications or additions to enhance its effectiveness or meet updated safety standards.
    • Tests & Inspections of Lightning Protection Systems – We offer Annual testing of existing lightning protection systems.
    • Lightning Protection System Maintenance & Repair – Over time your lightning protection system may damage. We provide repair service in the event of damage.

    Installing Lightning Rods on Barns – Our Recent Work

    Should You Install Lightning Protection Rods for Barns?

    Installing lightning protection for barns can be a wise decision, especially if you live in an area prone to thunderstorms or lightning strikes. Lightning strikes can cause significant damage to structures, including barns, and pose a fire risk.

    Lightning protection systems typically consist of lightning rods, conductors, and grounding systems designed to safely direct the electrical energy from a lightning strike into the ground, bypassing the structure and reducing the risk of fire or structural damage. These systems are designed to intercept lightning strikes and provide a path of least resistance for the electrical current.

    While installing lightning protection may require an initial investment, it can help protect your barn, livestock, equipment, and stored goods from damage due to lightning strikes. It can also provide peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken steps to mitigate the risk of fire and damage from severe weather events.

    It’s a good idea to consult with a professional lightning protection specialist or electrician to assess the specific needs of your barn and determine the most effective lightning protection system for your situation. They can provide guidance on proper installation and maintenance to ensure the system functions effectively to protect your property.