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Coastal Lightning Protection is your go to Lightning protection system provider in Louisiana. We install lightning protection for a number of structures, including: residential buildings, commercial buildings, new structures, schools, parks and playgrounds, tunnel utilities, banks, churches, airports, swimming pools, barns, trees and much more.

In Louisiana, where thunderstorms are common, especially during the summer months, lightning protection is crucial for the safety of both residential and commercial properties. Building codes and regulations may specify requirements for lightning protection systems in certain types of structures, particularly those with a high risk of lightning strikes or where the consequences of lightning damage could be severe. Additionally, professional Coastal lightning protection specialists are available to assess risks and design appropriate systems tailored to specific needs and local conditions.

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Lightning is a powerful, destructive force of nature and can strike anytime. According to the climatologists the frequency of lightning will increase with global warming. The only way to protect a building from a lightning strike is with a properly designed and installed lightning protection system (LPS). The cost of installing lightning protection is modest compared to how much it will cost if a property is damaged by a lightning strike.

Get a quality lightning protection system installed on your home or business by our team at Coastal Lightning Rods near Louisiana. With many years of experience and three generations of installing lightning protection systems, our certified technicians can install a concealed, partially concealed or exposed lightning system on your roof to protect your home or business from a lightning strike. Don’t damage your home or business from the destruction and devastating force of a lightning strike! Contact us today.

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    Contact Coastal Lightning Rods today if you would like us to provide a site evaluation specific for your property in Florida, Louisiana or surrounding areas. We’d be perform a risk assessment for your property to determine the best lightning protection system can be used to protect your building or structure from the devastations of a lightning strike. We provide Lightning Protection Systems for homes, commercial properties, barns, farms, ranch, stables, equine facilities, racetracks, metal roofs and more

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    Protecting your family, home and business from lightning is our business. Our experienced lightning protection system technicians can assist you with all aspect of lightning protection, from inspection, to completing a risk assessment, design, installation and maintenance of a lightning protection system.   We provide lightning protection and surge protection systems to residential and commercial properties. Our lightning protection system projects include single family homes, condos, apartments, ranch, farms, barns, church, trees, schools, hospitals, airports, factories, data centers, office buildings and more.

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    Why you need Louisiana Lightning Protection?

    Lightning protection is generally recommended in areas prone to frequent lightning strikes, and Louisiana is known for being one of the states in the United States with a high frequency of lightning activity. Lightning protection systems are designed to safeguard structures and occupants from the damaging effects of lightning strikes.

    The decision to install lightning protection may depend on factors such as the location of the building, its height, the materials used in construction, and local building codes. In Louisiana, where thunderstorms and lightning are common, many structures, especially those in vulnerable areas, may have lightning protection systems in place.

    Local building codes and regulations can vary, so it’s essential to consult with local authorities, architects, or lightning protection professionals to determine the specific requirements and recommendations for a particular location within Louisiana. If you are constructing a new building or considering adding a lightning protection system to an existing structure, it’s advisable to work with experts who can assess the risks and provide guidance based on the local conditions and regulations.

    Louisiana, like many areas prone to thunderstorms and lightning, utilizes various methods of lightning protection to safeguard structures and inhabitants. Lightning protection systems typically consist of several components designed to intercept, conduct, and disperse lightning strikes safely. Here are some common elements of lightning protection systems:

    1. Lightning Rods (Air Terminals): These are metal rods installed at the highest points of structures. They serve to attract lightning strikes and provide a direct path for the electrical current to follow, thereby preventing damage to the structure.
    2. Down Conductors: These are metal cables or rods that conduct the lightning current from the lightning rods to the ground. Down conductors are strategically placed to create a path of least resistance for the electrical discharge.
    3. Grounding System: This system consists of grounding rods or plates buried in the ground near the structure. They provide a low-resistance path for the lightning current to dissipate harmlessly into the earth.
    4. Surge Protection Devices: These devices are installed in electrical systems to protect against power surges caused by lightning strikes. They help prevent damage to electronic devices and appliances.
    5. Bonding: Bonding involves connecting all metal components of a structure, such as pipes, ducts, and structural steel, to the lightning protection system. This helps to prevent side-flashes and reduces the risk of electrical damage.

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    Testing & Maintenance of your Lightning Protection System

    Coastal Lightning Rods provides annual testing of your lightning protection system. We make ensure your lightning protection system complies with the latest regulations and standards with thorough testing and maintenance of existing and installed systems.

    Complete Lightning Protection Systems

    Coastal Lightning Rods provides a level of service that consistently exceeds our customer’s expectations. From lightning conductor systems to specialist earthing systems; surge protection to thorough maintenance services, our team of engineers deliver lightning protection safety to your home, business, barns and trees.