Why you need a Lightning System in Jacksonville, Florida

Coastal Lightning Rods installs Commercial & Residential Lightning Protection in Jacksonville, Florida

Coastal Lightning Protection is able to design and install the appropriate lightning protection system for any site in Jacksonville, Florida.  We ensure that your installation is carried out to the highest standards by our highly trained and industry-qualified technicians. We also test and repair lightning protection systems.

Coastal Lightning Protection is dedicated to ensuring quality lightning protection in Jacksonville, Florida for your residential or commercial property. Our expertise has been developed over the past 25 years.  We are a family operated lightning protection business.

Lightning Protection Jacksonville

At Coastal Lightning Rods, we provide a full range of lightning protection services in Jacksonville, Florida, including:

  • Lightning Risk Assessment – We perform a risk assessments before we install the lightning protection system.
  • Lightning Protection System Design – Each property is unique and has a different size and shape. We design a lightning protection system that meets all standards.
  • Lightning Protection System Installation – We install the designed lightning protection system and make sure it complies to all standards and codes of practice.
  • Tests & Inspections of Lightning Protection Systems – We offer Annual testing of existing lightning protection systems.
  • Lightning Protection System Maintenance & Repair – Over time your lightning protection system may damage. We provide repair service in the event of damage.

Jacksonville Lightning Protection Services

  • Surveying
  • Consultancy
  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Test and Inspecting\Surge Protection Installation