Orlando Lightning Protection System

Coastal Lightning Rods in Orlando, Florida is a leading residential and commercial lightning protection company specializing  in design and installation of lightning protection rods and installing low resistance earthing systems.

Coastal Lightning Rods is committed to providing a full comprehensive and professional service right from the onset of the initial enquiry, through to the preparation of specification and quotation’s, the installation phase and final commissioning.

We install lightning protection systems that are in compliance with Health and Safety Regulations. All of our work is strictly undertaken in accordance with current standards.

Lightning Protection Orlando

You cannot control the storms, hurricanes, blizzards, floods or other natural disasters in Orlando, Florida, however, you can do your part to protect your family and property from lightning strikes that are a common occurrence during the tropical storms.  As you know Florida is ranked amongst  the top states in frequency in lightning strikes. Lightning protection is therefore not a luxury but a necessity if you live and own a property in Orlando, Florida. We provide residential and commercial lightning protection system installations.

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    Contact Coastal Lightning Rods today if you would like us to provide a site evaluation specific for your property in Florida, Louisiana or surrounding areas. We’d be perform a risk assessment for your property to determine the best lightning protection system can be used to protect your building or structure from the devastations of a lightning strike. We provide Lightning Protection Systems for homes, commercial properties, barns, farms, ranch, stables, equine facilities, racetracks, metal roofs and more

    Coastal Lightning Rods of Florida, provides a full range of lightning protection services including:

    • Risk Assessment – We perform a risk assessments before we install the lightning protection system.
    • Lightning Protection System Design – Each property is unique and has a different size and shape. We design a lightning protection system that meets all standards.
    • Lightning Protection System Installation – We install the designed lightning protection system and make sure it complies to all standards and codes of practice.
    • Lightning Rod Installation – Lightning rods are usually placed at the highest points of a building or structure to maximize their effectiveness in attracting lightning strikes. This could include roof peaks, chimneys, or tall masts.
    • Grounding – Along with lightning rods, a grounding system consisting of grounding rods buried deep into the ground is essential. This system provides a safe path for the electrical current from a lightning strike to dissipate harmlessly into the earth.
    • Retrofit Existing Lightning Protection System: Retrofitting an existing lightning protection system involves making modifications or additions to enhance its effectiveness or meet updated safety standards.
    • Tests & Inspections of Lightning Protection Systems – We offer Annual testing of existing lightning protection systems.
    • Lightning Protection System Maintenance & Repair – Over time your lightning protection system may damage. We provide repair service in the event of damage.

    Orlando Lightning Protection Services

    • Surveying
    • Consultancy
    • System Design
    • Installation
    • Test and Inspecting\Surge Protection Installation

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    Lightning Protection Orlando

    Lightning Protection Orlando

    Best Lightning Protection Rods Installer, Orlando, FL

    Coastal Lightning Rods is your local lightning protection system installer in Orlando, FL. With honest pricing and decades of experience we are your go to lightning protection contractor in Orlando, Florida. Through the construction of an air terminal (lightning rod) system, cabling, connection to your electrical wiring, CATV wiring, gas wiring, telephone wiring, water wiring, and main electrical surge protection, we can assist in protecting your property and it’s residents.

    Lightning Protection Systems/Lightning Protection Rods Orlando – Disney World

    If you visit an Orlando theme park, take a look at the roof of most of the buildings. There are lightning rods on the roof of almost every building in Orlando amusement parks. Many air terminals are disguised as a part of the theme of the building.  For instance, on the top of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios building, the giant Mickey Mouse’s ear is made out of copper and serves as the strike termination device.

    It’s important to note that the decision to install a lightning protection system depends on various factors, including the local climate, building codes, and the specific needs of the structure. Building owners, architects, and engineers work together to assess the risk and implement appropriate lightning protection measures.

    Building Disney World Florida Air Terminal

    Building Disney World Florida Air Terminal

    (FAQs) about lightning protection systems in Orlando, FL

    Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about lightning protection systems in Orlando, FL:

    1. What is a lightning protection system (LPS)?
      • A lightning protection system is a set of components designed to protect structures and their occupants from the damaging effects of lightning strikes.
    2. How does a lightning protection system work?
      • A lightning protection system works by providing a low-resistance path for lightning strikes to safely travel to the ground, thus preventing damage to the structure it protects.
    3. Are lightning protection systems necessary in Orlando, FL?
      • Yes, lightning protection systems are highly recommended in Orlando due to its frequent thunderstorms and high lightning activity, which pose a significant risk to structures and people.
    4. What are the components of a lightning protection system?
      • Components typically include lightning rods (air terminals), conductors, grounding electrodes, and surge protection devices.
    5. Are there any regulations or standards for lightning protection systems in Orlando, FL?
      • Yes, the installation and maintenance of lightning protection systems are governed by various national standards, such as NFPA 780 (National Fire Protection Association), UL 96A (Underwriters Laboratories), and LPI 175 (Lightning Protection Institute).
    6. Do lightning protection systems require regular maintenance?
      • Yes, regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensure that the system remains effective. This may include checking connections, inspecting air terminals, and testing surge protection devices.
    7. Can a lightning protection system guarantee 100% protection?
      • While no system can offer absolute protection against lightning, a properly designed and installed lightning protection system significantly reduces the risk of damage and injury.
    8. Can a lightning protection system be installed on any type of structure?
      • Lightning protection systems can be installed on a wide range of structures, including residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and historical landmarks.
    9. How much does it cost to install a lightning protection system in Orlando, FL?
      • The cost of installation varies depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the structure, but it is generally a small fraction of the overall construction cost and provides valuable protection against lightning damage.
    10. Can I retrofit a lightning protection system onto an existing structure?
      • Yes, it is possible to retrofit a lightning protection system onto existing structures, although the process may be more complex and may require careful assessment by a qualified lightning protection specialist.