Protect Yourself From Lightning Strikes!

Damage caused due to lightning can cause operational damage as well as structural damage to Residential buildings, trees, barns, churches, schools, offices and more.

Get a lightning protection system today to protect yourself and your property from the devastating effects of lightning.  Get a lightning protection system from Coastal Lightning Rods at a competitive price.  A lightning rod will not prevent your house from being struck by lightning, however it prevent damage in the event a lightning strike occurs. Lightning rods are made of material that conducts electricity easily. A lightning rod works by receiving the stroke and discharging it quickly and harmlessly.

Coastal Lightning Rods is a leader at providing lightning protection system throughout the state of Florida, entire South East, Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast.  We also provide lightning protection in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and beyond.  Our certified engineers design, install and maintain lightning protection systems. Contact us today.  All estimates are free. Our rates are competitive. Please call us at 321-432-2179 to consult with us.

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