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Lightning Protection System Installation

Coastal Lightning Rods, a Florida based lightning protection company installs Lightning Surge protection systems to meet our customers requirements, budget and deadline.  We provide an installation service that is cost effective, prompt, efficient and of highest quality.  Our experience has given us the ability to install lightning protection systems on any building of any shape or size.  Installations are carried out by highly skilled technicians.  All work is carried out in line with current industry standards and guidelines.

Concealed and Exposed Lightning Protection Systems

We install concealed, partially concealed or exposed lightning system on your roof to protect your home from lightning.  When designed during construction all of the lightning protection system, except the rooftop terminals, can be concealed and run inside the structure.  Decorative finials can also be used as air terminals, making the lightning protection an architectural accent. Fully concealed system can installed when constructing a new house. A partially concealed lightning protection system can be installed on an existing house depending upon how much access there is to run the cable. A fully exposed system has cables and lightning rods on the roof. The cables can be hidden behind the ridges and the down conductors can run behind the gutter sprouts for less visibility.

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Lightning Protection System
Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance

As with any electrical system it is important that your lightning protection system is properly maintained so that it will continue to protect you and your property. We offer a service from minor repairs to upgrading of old systems.

We assure you that we provide the best lightning protection systems at affordable prices. All our Lightning Protection Specialists have undergone extensive and thorough training. Coastal Lightning Rods has highly trained Lightning Protection Specialists. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Coastal Lightning Rods will ensure that your Lightning Protection, Earthing and Surge Protection systems are compliant with regulations and are in working order to protect your people, property and assets.

What is a Lightning Protection System?

The lightning protection system consists of lightning rods that are interconnected at the roof level, down conductors tied to ground rods or ground loop, bonding all the incoming utilities together. A properly installed lightning protection system will safe-guard a commercial building structurally, protect property, electronic equipment and employees from the destructive forces of lightning. Having a lightning protection system will provide you with a peace of mind knowing that a potentially catastrophic situation has been proactively dealt with. Our many years of experience in the design and installation of lightning protection and grounding systems allows us to deliver high quality installations at an affordable price.

Lightning Protection Design
Lightning Protection System Design

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At Coastal Lightning Rods, LLC of Florida, our mission is to protect you and your property from lightning strikes. We can work with you to inspect, design, maintain and install the best lightning protection and surge protection system throughout the state Florida, entire South East, Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast. We provide lightning protection services throughout the state of Florida, entire South East, Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast.  We also provide lightning protection in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and beyond. Call us today for a free consultation.

Recently Installed Lightning Protection Systems in Florida and Beyond

Testing & Maintenance of your Lightning Protection System

Coastal Lightning Rods provides annual testing of your lightning protection system. We make ensure your lightning protection system complies with the latest regulations and standards with thorough testing and maintenance of existing and installed systems.

Complete Lightning Protection Systems

Coastal Lightning Rods provides a level of service that consistently exceeds our customer’s expectations. From lightning conductor systems to specialist earthing systems; surge protection to thorough maintenance services, our team of engineers deliver lightning protection safety to your home, business, barns and trees.