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Lightning Protection System Installation

In most cases, the need for installation of lightning protection systems is based on a risk assessment and the following categories of losses: Loss of life or risk to life; Loss of production or supply of goods or services to the general public; Loss of economic value; or Loss of cultural heritage. The NFPA provides risk assessment guidelines.

Coastal Lightning Rods, a Florida based lightning protection company installs Lightning Surge protection systems to meet our customers requirements, budget and deadline.  We provide an installation service that is cost effective, prompt, efficient and of highest quality.  Our experience has given us the ability to install lightning protection systems on any building of any shape or size.  Installations are carried out by highly skilled technicians.  All work is carried out in line with current industry standards and guidelines.

Concealed and Exposed Lightning Protection System Installation

We install concealed, partially concealed or exposed lightning system on your roof to protect your home from lightning.  When designed during construction all of the lightning protection system, except the rooftop terminals, can be concealed and run inside the structure.  Decorative finials can also be used as air terminals, making the lightning protection an architectural accent. Fully concealed system can installed when constructing a new house. A partially concealed lightning protection system can be installed on an existing house depending upon how much access there is to run the cable. A fully exposed system has cables and lightning rods on the roof. The cables can be hidden behind the ridges and the down conductors can run behind the gutter sprouts for less visibility.

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    Contact Coastal Lightning Rods today if you would like us to provide a site evaluation specific for your property in Florida, Louisiana or surrounding areas. We’d be perform a risk assessment for your property to determine the best lightning protection system can be used to protect your building or structure from the devastations of a lightning strike. We provide Lightning Protection Systems for homes, commercial properties, barns, farms, ranch, stables, equine facilities, racetracks, metal roofs and more

    Commercial Lightning Rods

    Commercial Lightning Protection

    Business choose to install lightning protection systems because they rely on uninterrupted operations. Lightning strikes can pose serious safety risks to employees, customers, and visitors. By installing lightning protection systems, businesses create a safer environment and minimize the potential for injuries or fatalities caused by lightning.  Learn more about commercial lightning protection.

    Residential Lightning Rods

    Residential Lightning Protection

    Residential lightning rods, also known as lightning protection systems, are designed to protect homes and other structures from the destructive effects of lightning strikes. These systems typically include lightning rods (or air terminals), conductor cables, grounding rods, and surge protectors. Learn more about residential lightning protection systems.

    Barn Lightning Rods

    Barn Lightning Protection

    We install lightning rods on the roof of the barn and connect the wiring to the the ground.  If people or animals are inside the barn during a lightning storm, having lightning protection in place can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death from a direct lightning strike or secondary effects like fire or structural damage.  Learn more about barn lightning protection.

    Lightning Rods Tall Buildings

    Lightning Rods Tall Buildings

    Lightning protection for tall buildings is crucial due to the increased risk of lightning strikes and the potential for severe damage. A well-designed and properly maintained lightning protection system is critical for tall buildings to mitigate the risks associated with lightning strikes, protect occupants and assets, and ensure the safety and resilience of the structure.

    Lightning Rods for New Construction

    Lightning Rods, New Construction, Florida

    When designed during construction all of the lightning protection system, except the rooftop terminals, can be concealed and run inside the structure.  Decorative finials can also be used as air terminals, making the lightning protection an architectural accent. Fully concealed system can installed when constructing a new house.

    Lightning Rods for Trees

    Lightning Rod for Tree

    Installing lightning protection for trees can be beneficial. Lightning strikes can cause severe damage to trees, including splitting, bark stripping, and even tree death. Lightning rods provide a path for the electrical current to safely travel down the tree and into the ground, reducing the risk of damage. Learn more about lightning protection for trees.

    Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance

    As with any electrical system it is important that your lightning protection system is properly maintained so that it will continue to protect you and your property. We offer a service from minor repairs to upgrading of old systems.

    We assure you that we provide the best lightning protection systems at affordable prices. All our Lightning Protection Specialists have undergone extensive and thorough training. Coastal Lightning Rods has highly trained Lightning Protection Specialists. We guarantee your satisfaction.

    Coastal Lightning Rods will ensure that your Lightning Protection, Earthing and Surge Protection systems are compliant with regulations and are in working order to protect your people, property and assets.

    Lightning Protection System
    Lightning Protection System

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    What is a Lightning Protection System?

    The lightning protection system consists of lightning rods that are interconnected at the roof level, down conductors tied to ground rods or ground loop, bonding all the incoming utilities together. A properly installed lightning protection system will safe-guard a commercial building structurally, protect property, electronic equipment and employees from the destructive forces of lightning. Having a lightning protection system will provide you with a peace of mind knowing that a potentially catastrophic situation has been proactively dealt with. Our many years of experience in the design and installation of lightning protection and grounding systems allows us to deliver high quality installations at an affordable price.

    Lightning Protection System
    Lightning Protection System

    What is a Lightning Arrester

    A lightning arrester is a device used on electric power systems and telecommunication systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning. The typical lightning arrester has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal.

    A lightning arrester is a device placed where wires enter a structure, in order to prevent damage to electronic instruments within and ensuring the safety of individuals near the structures. Smaller versions of lightning arresters, also called surge protectors, are devices that are connected between each electrical conductor in a power or communications system, and the ground. They help prevent the flow of the normal power or signal currents to ground, but provide a path over which high-voltage lightning current flows, bypassing the connected equipment. Arresters are used to limit the rise in voltage when a communications or power line is struck by lightning or is near to a lightning strike.

    Surge Protection

    Lightning can cause power surges that can damage your electric equipment and appliances. Coastal Lightning Rods provides whole house surge protection.


    An earthing system or grounding system connects specific parts of an electric power system with the ground, typically the Earth’s conductive surface, for safety and functional purposes. The choice of earthing system can affect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the installation.

    Fact: While lightning rods can protect a structure from direct lightning strikes, a comprehensive lightning protection system installation is required to help avoid damaging electrical surges and potential fires caused by lightning entering a structure through cables and pipes.

    Coastal Lightning Rods of Florida, provides a full range of lightning protection services including:

    • Risk Assessment – We perform a risk assessments before we install the lightning protection system.
    • Lightning Protection System Design – Each property is unique and has a different size and shape. We design a lightning protection system that meets all standards.
    • Lightning Protection System Installation – We install the designed lightning protection system and make sure it complies to all standards and codes of practice.
    • Lightning Rod Installation – Lightning rods are usually placed at the highest points of a building or structure to maximize their effectiveness in attracting lightning strikes. This could include roof peaks, chimneys, or tall masts.
    • Grounding – Along with lightning rods, a grounding system consisting of grounding rods buried deep into the ground is essential. This system provides a safe path for the electrical current from a lightning strike to dissipate harmlessly into the earth.
    • Retrofit Existing Lightning Protection System: Retrofitting an existing lightning protection system involves making modifications or additions to enhance its effectiveness or meet updated safety standards.
    • Tests & Inspections of Lightning Protection Systems – We offer Annual testing of existing lightning protection systems.
    • Lightning Protection System Maintenance & Repair – Over time your lightning protection system may damage. We provide repair service in the event of damage.


    At Coastal Lightning Rods, LLC of Florida, our mission is to protect you and your property from lightning strikes. We can work with you to inspect, design, maintain and install the best lightning protection and surge protection system throughout the state Florida, entire South East, Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast. We provide lightning protection services throughout the state of Florida, entire South East, Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast.  We also provide lightning protection in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and beyond. Call us today for a free consultation.

    Recently Installed Lightning Protection Systems in Florida and Beyond

    Testing & Maintenance of your Lightning Protection System

    Coastal Lightning Rods provides annual testing of your lightning protection system. We make ensure your lightning protection system complies with the latest regulations and standards with thorough testing and maintenance of existing and installed systems.

    Complete Lightning Protection Systems

    Coastal Lightning Rods provides a level of service that consistently exceeds our customer’s expectations. From lightning conductor systems to specialist earthing systems; surge protection to thorough maintenance services, our team of engineers deliver lightning protection safety to your home, business, barns and trees.