Lightning Protection Inspection and Maintenance

When your lightning protection system was designed precautions may have been taken to provide corrosion protection.  However, no matter how good the lightning protection system was designed, it is essential to get it inspected and maintained.  Over time the system may get damaged due to corrosion, lightning strikes, wear-and-tear and more.  Moreover the components of the system may not be as sturdy and may be loose.   Even the best lightning protection systems (LPS) requires regular maintenance and inspection, otherwise it will not effective.

Lightning Protection System Inspection Checklist

The system complies in with current standards of NFPA 780

  • There is no corrosion
  • The system does not have lose connections
  • Does the system does not need repairs
  • All down conductors and grounding electrodes are intact
  • All conductors and system components are fastened securely
  • Check for visual damage